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Color Guard William Smith
12th Virginia Infantry Co B

We are a family orientated group that is looking for members who are interested in positively and publicly portraying and recreating the lives of Virginia Soldiers and Civilians during the period of American Civil War. You can contact us at 12thvirginia.org or at our Facebook Page.

Taylor house by Andrea Maxwell
A Civil War Era Historical Fiction Novel

Place Of No Return Book
Place Of No Return - A Novel

ACW Toy Soldiers
ACW Toy Soldiers for adults (mostly)

Civil War holsters and accessories
Southern Comfort Civil War Leather Outfitters

Victorian jewelry
Civil War / Victorian Jewelry

Civil War Fiction
A Thirst for War
, Civil War Fiction
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9th 10th us cav, phoenix, AZ, michael leiby, b1881us@yahoo.com
We are a military group in arizona and desperately search for events in the area, there are very few.
  2003-06-15 18:39:01

7th Tenn Co. B Cavalry (Dismounted), Henderson/ Jackson, TN, MS, Cpt. Perry Holder (731)-983-5401, jpp2aMTSU@aol.com
A non-political family oriented unit portraying both US/CS impressions. We primarily operate in TN, MS, and KY. volunteers welcome.
  2003-06-09 12:39:01

25th Alabama, Co. E, Gordo, Pickens County, Southeast US, 1Sgt. Stan Channell, stanooch@comcast.net
We are a mainstream, family-friendly group. We strive for authenticity without being "hardcore" to the extreme.
  2003-05-18 04:39:29

1st Tenn., Co. I, Provisional Army, Central MD., southern PA., GA,PA, Butch Dell, CaptD1stTn@aol.com
Confederate Infantry company, portraying mid to late war. Campaign style organization.
  2003-04-29 18:35:32

148th Penna. Vol. Inf. Co. C, Centre County, PA, , gettysburgguy148@yahoo.com
The 148th PVI Co. C Reenactors Group of Central Penna. Learn about the original unit history and the current group. Photos, info and more !
  2003-04-23 18:15:49

C2ndUS regulars, Mid Atlantic , Southeast US, 1st. sgt. Richard Thomas, thomasrichardd@msn.com
Group of people interested in giving a better impression of the REGULAR United States soldier of the mid 19th c. including the CW period. Based in the Carolina's.
  2003-04-04 09:52:59

C co. 2nd US Inf., North & South Carolina, SC,NC, Lt.Stephen Staniforth, CCompany2ndUSInfantry@Groups.msn.com
People with an interest in portraying "REAL Yankees"rather than galvanised one's welcome to join a unit that enjoys the drill of the mid 19th c. as did our regular forebears
  2003-04-02 16:08:16

1st. North Carolina Co.F, Lebec, CA, Cpl. Steven Bondy, csa4dixie@aol.com
Confederate Mounted Unit always looking for new recruits to join the ranks. We are a lively group of living historians attending a monthly engagement at Fort Tejon.
  2003-03-28 21:46:17

11th va .cav .co .a., Rising Sun, MD, Capt.Ken Vaught,commander, ken_vaught@yahoo.com
Our unit is a dismounted cav.unit. We do living historys and reinactments in md,pa,va.e-mail me at ken_vaught@yahoo.com
  2003-03-17 04:08:52

Mounted cavalry unit. Family friendly. We ride grey and blue, mostly grey
  2003-03-11 16:47:14

150th PA. BUCKTAILS, CRAWFORD CO, North Central US, Cpl. ROBERT LEWIS, rljcasting@aol.com
We represent 2 of 4 companies "C" & "K" 150 PVI & Also Co. "K" 22nd VA "Patton's Fayetteville Rifles" Confederate Unit
  2003-03-07 22:18:47

The Muscogee Rifles Co.E 12th Georgia Regiment of Infantry, Central/Southern , South Central US, P.W., topbutton@comcast.net
This unit is being started in remeberance of and in dedication to the memory of Stonewall Jackson,and the men of the 12th Georgia.Help field this unit,one of Jackson's Foot cavalry.
  2003-03-01 13:03:00

Voyageur Ancient Fife and Drum Corps , Lafayette, IN, Dr. Craig L. McManis, Eyefixer@msn.com
Founded in 1971, we are a youth fife and drum corps. Ages are from 8-18 years old. We resemble the traders that came to the Tippecanoe Valley in the 1700's. Currently we have 21 youth members with adult leaders in costume to assist.
  2003-02-15 19:19:12

142nd PVI, Co F, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast US, Sgt. Keith MacGregor, MACSUV@aol.com
Men of the Union enlist! Family unit, 7 events a year, Proud Member of the Mifflin Guard. Stress Safety, Fun, & History.
  2003-01-27 23:00:42

150th P.V.I. " BUCKTAILS", Meadville, PA, Cpl. R. Lewis, rljcasting@aol.com
Northwestern Pa. Reenactment group. Family orientated, We portray Co. "C" & Co. "K" Lincoln's Guards also 22nd Va. Co. "K" Fayetteville Rifles C.S.A.
  2003-01-27 22:10:39

Gabriel's Confederate Legion, Eastern United States, Northeast US, Jon Bucknam, GenMosby@aol.com
We are a new legion just forming looking for anyone intersted in becoming a part of a independent legion and doing events together. If you are interested please contact me. We welcome Union and Confederate any branch of sevice.
  2003-01-24 13:02:33

1st New York Dragoons, Perry, Northeast US, Jon Bucknam, GenMosby@aol.com
New unit out of the original area the Dragoons trained at. Looking for anyone wanting to do mounted or dismounted cav. We have a confederate copart as well the 43rd Va Batt Cav. you can do eather or.
  2003-01-24 12:56:38

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