Guyandotte Civil War Days 2023

Guyandotte Civil War Days

Guyandotte Civil War Days is a remarkable annual event that transports visitors back in time to the significant historic event that took place in the area. With the participation of hundreds of dedicated re-enactors, this event brings to life one of America’s greatest street battles, allowing history to be relived once again. As the dirt roads are now paved and modern buildings stand in place of the once burned-out structures, the echoes of the Civil War resound through Guyandotte.

The primary focus of Guyandotte Civil War Days is to celebrate and promote the area’s rich heritage. The highlight of the event is the authentic re-enactment of the Confederate raid, faithfully recreated based on well-documented historical facts from the skirmish that occurred on November 10, 1861. This re-enactment provides a unique opportunity for spectators to witness and experience the events exactly as they unfolded over a century ago.

On Sunday, the re-enactment shifts its focus to the Union Troops recapturing the town, showcasing the actual events of November 11, 1861. Throughout the weekend, visitors will have the chance to witness various re-enactments of other notable historic events and engage in living history scenarios, immersing themselves in the vibrant tapestry of the past.

Guyandotte Civil War Days serves as a captivating tribute to history, offering a blend of educational experiences and immersive entertainment. By commemorating the past, this event ensures that the stories of those who lived during this turbulent time are preserved and shared with generations to come.



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