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Color Guard William Smith
12th Virginia Infantry Co B

We are a family orientated group that is looking for members who are interested in positively and publicly portraying and recreating the lives of Virginia Soldiers and Civilians during the period of American Civil War. You can contact us at 12thvirginia.org or at our Facebook Page.

Taylor house by Andrea Maxwell
A Civil War Era Historical Fiction Novel

Place Of No Return Book
Place Of No Return - A Novel

ACW Toy Soldiers
ACW Toy Soldiers for adults (mostly)

Civil War holsters and accessories
Southern Comfort Civil War Leather Outfitters

Victorian jewelry
Civil War / Victorian Jewelry

Civil War Fiction
A Thirst for War
, Civil War Fiction
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Lukasik's Rear Riders, Durham, NC, NC, Doug Lukasik, douglas.lukasik@law.duke.edu
Current Riders salute this motley band of irregualrs with annual maneuvers deep in the Smokey Mountains. Members must be willing and able ride bareback.
  2004-05-10 21:11:33

194th Reg. Penn. Volunteers, Co. A, Spencer, NY, NY, Pamela Clearwater, pac8@cornell.edu
After one year of reenacting with another PA unit, I decided to create one in which my own ancestors fought. Originally, out of the Williamsport, PA area.
  2004-05-10 11:59:10

24TH North Carolina INFANTRY COMAPNY B, Hanover, PA, MD, NJ, VA, BARRY WERT, bwert@hotmail.com
Military & civilian reenacting
  2004-05-06 10:54:59

6th New Hampshire Vols. Co.C, Northern, N.J, Sgt. James Beam, ninthcorps@earthlink.net
The largest Federal reenacting unit in northern N.J The 6th New Hampshire Vols. Co.C. We authenticaly portray the fighting men of New Hampshire! Members of the United States Volunteers.
  2004-04-16 21:33:58

151st Pennsylvania Infantry, Mid-Atlantic, PA, Brad Pflueger, CoH151PVI@AOL.COM
Company H 151st PA (Reading, PA)is seeking fun motivated individuals for reenactments/living histories ect...We are a politic free organization. Fun for whole family send email for more information.
  2004-03-24 03:38:48

14th ALA VOL INF, Co. G, Alexander City, AL, Ken McGhee, ken@14thalabama.com
The 14th Alabama Volunteer Infantry Co. G "The Hilliby True Blues", is a progressive company with members from all over Alabama and surrounding states.
  2004-03-16 10:20:36

25th MVI, Uxbridge, MA, Bob Burbank, ColBurbank@yahoo.com
We are do mostly reenactments and living histories. We also do alot of school programs for children. We are always looking for new recruits.
  2004-02-02 18:45:50

9th Missouri Battalion of Sharpshooters CO. C. CSA, St. Louis, MO, "Handsome Dave" Grimes, riflemancsa@yahoo.com
We are skirmishers, who reenact in MO. AR. IL. We are always looking for new members
  2004-01-26 18:38:33

48th Ohio Vol. Infantry, Tucson, AZ, Don Kessler, 1fdprovost@cox.net
A new unit in Southern/Central Arizona that is looking for veterans and newcomers alike. We drill, we campaign, we have fun, enough said. If you are interested, drop us a line.
  2004-01-22 23:38:53

Fifth Regiment, 1st Div. ANV, Dale City, VA, Tony Meadows, tonymeadows@5thregiment.com
The Fifth Regiment, 1st Div. Army of Northern Virginia is a family oriented organization. We welcome existing companies.
  2004-01-22 14:30:26

1st Maryland Artillery CS, MD, PA, WV, VA, PA, John, Ltjwiii@aol.com
We are looking for new recruits who will help us man our 12pdr Field Howitzer and Limber. We are family oriented and also do campaign/progressive events.
  2004-01-20 13:06:48

5th Virginia Infantry Co. A, Michigan City, IN, Steven Tye, stevetye418@yahoo.com
New unit forming in NW Indiana. Seeking recruits to fill the ranks. Non-political group that is family oriented. Open to recruits from Indiana,Illinois and Michigan.
  2004-01-20 12:45:11

4th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Lima, OH, Shawn Farkas, co4thohioreg@yahoo.com
We are a family oriented unit out of north western Ohio.
  2004-01-18 22:38:59

CO. D, 1st Wisconsin Cavalry, Monroe, Wisconsin, WI, Jim McLallen, mclallen@sanasys.com
Cav unit that integrates mounted with dismounted. Member of N/S Alliance working mostly in the WI, IL, and IA area.
  2004-01-11 10:41:31

Co. K, 17th Reg't of Tennessee Vol. Infantry, CSA, Cedar Rapids, IO, Dick Pohorsky, cptgwm@aol.com
The unit is family oriented and the majority do a garrison camp. We have some progressive members also.
  2004-01-05 23:52:39

4th Alabama, Newark, DE, James E, christina, alabama4th@yahoo.com
We represent the 4th Alabama voulnter regiment. We do living history and battle reenactments.Looking for men,women,and children.
  2004-01-05 12:45:29

4Th Alabama, , Newark, NJ, Jim Christina, intel19808@yahoo.com
We represent the 4th Alabama. We used to be the 5th Texas.In need of men,women and children. If interested please email me.Your phone numbers and of course your name. Thank you.
  2003-12-11 11:58:58

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