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Color Guard William Smith
12th Virginia Infantry Co B

We are a family orientated group that is looking for members who are interested in positively and publicly portraying and recreating the lives of Virginia Soldiers and Civilians during the period of American Civil War. You can contact us at 12thvirginia.org or at our Facebook Page.

Taylor house by Andrea Maxwell
A Civil War Era Historical Fiction Novel

Place Of No Return Book
Place Of No Return - A Novel

ACW Toy Soldiers
ACW Toy Soldiers for adults (mostly)

Civil War holsters and accessories
Southern Comfort Civil War Leather Outfitters

Victorian jewelry
Civil War / Victorian Jewelry

Civil War Fiction
A Thirst for War
, Civil War Fiction
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5th Kentucky Infantry CSA, Corbin, KY, M. Cornett, mountainray@peoplepc.com
Three artillery batteries attached to the 5th Kentucky Infantry Regt.

Second Connecticut Vol. Heavy Artillery, , CT, Capt.Ray Manzi, remanzi@hotmail.com
We are a Family oriented unit which marches and fights as Union Infantry. We Participate in Battle Reenactments,Parades,Living History events. Looking for Volunteers of good habits 16 years and older to fill the ranks.
  2007-05-15 00:00:00

Alexander's Battalion Field Hospital, Thomasville, NC, 336 476-8695, major_mills@yahoo.com
Alexander's Battalion Field Hospital attached to Alexander's Battalion Artillery of Longstreet's Corps. Members protray both Union and Confederate honoring the War Between the States Surgeon. Contact Surgeon Major James Mills 336 476-8695

General Staff Corps Venture Crew 1861 BSA, Johnson City, TN, (423) 434-0424, venture_1861@yahoo.com
Venture Crew B.S.A. Co-ed Scouting Unit Reenacting Federal/Confederate Signal Service/Medical Corps along with civilian impressions. Attached to Federal/Confederate General Staff Corps. Contact: Scott/Donna Pruitt

1st Arkansas Cavalry Regiment, Company D, , AR, , cav.1stark@yahoo.com
The 1st Arkansas Cav. is a mounted Confederate cavalry unit. We are based in Northwest Arkansas and participate in reenactments and living histories all over the state and surrounding states. We are always happy to have new members join our unit. If you are interested in, or would like more information on becoming a Civil War reenactor, contact us!
  2007-03-17 00:00:00

1st SC Volunteer Infantry Co H, Northwood, IA, 641-390-1325,
We are the 1st SC Volunteer Infantry Co H " Cherokee Pond". We are a family oriented CS unit based out of Rose Creek, MN. Our goal is to teach through living history
  2007-03-17 00:00:00

4th Michigan Company A, , MI, recruiter, ecruiter4thmichigan@yahoo.com
We have a military side and a civilian contingent.
  2007-02-10 00:00:00

Spook's Greys, , IN, Mike Totten, spook5va@yahoo.com
Newly formed independent confederate mess...dedicated to sharing cw era soldier life with the modern public. Hardcore campaign style impression with gentle corrective therapy offered to newbies!

4th Maryland Light Artillery, Frederick, MD, Jean Roger Buchen, jrbuchen@msn.com
The 4th Maryland Light Artillery is a family-oriented group that is based in MD and comprised of members from MD, PA and VA. The unit is affiliated with PACS and participates in reenactments, encampments and living histories in the tri-state area of MD, PA and VA from April to November.

31st Wisconsin Infantry Company H, , WI, Robert Cuevas, jayhawkrc@yahoo.com
The 31st Wisconsin Co. H, is a family oriented unit with high authenticity standards. The company is based in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. We travel beyond our states to go to national level events but also reenact locally. Activities continue over the winter months, with unit and Regiment drills, musters, and socials. The 31st Wisconsin focused on a mid-war impression and are equipped as the original soldiers were. Our members are of all ages, genders, and walks of life, but we all

10th Iowa Vol. Inf, , IA, Michael Carr, wgpcw@aol.com
The 10th Iowa is located in Southwest Iowa and is part of the Western Iowa Brigade. We are a family-oriented group that also does some living history. We're always looking for new members.

12th Georgia Company F, , MA, Captain William S Proal, 12georgia@comcast.net
The 12th Georgia Co. F, is a family oriented, unit and is proud of its high authenticity standards. The company is based in Eastern Massachusetts, Western Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut and New Hampshire with a focus on events in New England and Eastern New York. We occasionally venture 'down South' for some of the major reenactments. Activities continue over the winter months, with unit and Regiment drills, musters, and socials. Living history/reenacting is an exciting hobby bu
  2007-01-08 00:00:00

Levi's Barr's Battery, Virginia Light Artillery, CSA, , VA, Len Robbins, Kentucky Battery, USA
A living history and reenactment unit portraying Confederate artillery. We also galvanize as the 5th Kentucky Battery, USA.
  2006-11-25 00:00:00

2d California Cavalry, Company "F", , CA, Donald Treco, info@californiacavalry.us
Civil War Indian Fighters! Co. "F" of the 2nd California Cavalry, the "Sacramento Rangers" were very active in Northern Calif from 1861-1866 relocating Indians, peace keeping, protecting settlers and more! We recreate this unit over actual terrain and operational area in California.
  2006-11-21 17:15:00

3rd Iowa Cavalry Reenactors, Inc. Co. D, , IA, See website,
By our portrayal, we remember and honor the men of Co. D of the Third Iowa Cavalry Volunteer Regiment. Our Co., has mounted and dismounted soldiers. Ladies, do you have what it takes to be a man? We portray and honor the woman soldier, who has been hidden within the folds of the Civil War history. We have civilian roles as well. Are you? One who has an itch and been thinking about becoming a part of a unit. Please contact us
  2010-05-10 00:00:00

Palmetto Riflemen & New York Zouaves, , SC, Kenneth Robison, Johnnyreb6@aol.com
An American Civil War Sharpshooter reenacting group based in South Carolina, with members in Georgia & Carolina. We attempt to accurately portray the role of Sharpshooters, Skirmishers, & Flankers from 1860 to 1866, and welcome anyone interested in joining up with us in properly portraying these forgotten soldiers.
  2006-10-11 21:03:01

Tar Heel Mess, , IL, Bill Kane at 815-588-0588, wmkane@mac.com
We are a family-oriented reenacting group, with an active interest in the American Civil War period, especially the role of the Confederate Infantry. We participate in living history demonstrations and reenactments of the Civil War era for the educational benefit of the public. Our unit reenacts essentially in the Illinois area, but we also attend Indiana, Wisconson, and Iowa events as well as the occasional long distance event.
  2006-03-24 16:11:01

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