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Color Guard William Smith
12th Virginia Infantry Co B

We are a family orientated group that is looking for members who are interested in positively and publicly portraying and recreating the lives of Virginia Soldiers and Civilians during the period of American Civil War. You can contact us at 12thvirginia.org or at our Facebook Page.

Taylor house by Andrea Maxwell
A Civil War Era Historical Fiction Novel

Place Of No Return Book
Place Of No Return - A Novel

Civil War Fiction
A Thirst for War

Civil War Fiction
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C Company 1st North Carolina Cavalry, Nebraska-Misouri-Iowa, North Central US, Sean Slocum, firstnccavcoc@alltel.net
Family friendly unit portraying mounted confederate cavalry and a period refugee camp. We seek recruits, mounted preffered, but no one is turned away because of the lack of a mount!! See y'all in the field!
  2003-01-14 20:33:11

Second Va. Co. B., Youngwood, PA, William Marietta, w.marietta@worldnet.att.net
We are looking for people to join our unit. We are a family unit. Our local event is Idlewild park in Ligonier Pa. Memorial day weekend. Space limited
  2003-01-13 17:27:22

7th Tennessee Infantry/CMF, , MD,PA,VA, Phil, thunderstruck1@comcast.net
Seeking recruits. Big plans are afoot for this 140th anniversary year,including Gettysburg. Please write,and I will forward your address to our recruiter.
  2003-01-11 16:06:41

Battery G , 2nd Illinois Light Artillery, North Central Illinois, IL, , jsqrdrepro@yahoo.com
Celebrating its 35th year in Civil War reenacting, Battery G, 2nd Illinois Light Artillery is one of the premier Civil War reenactment units in the Country. Based in the Rockford, IL Battery G participates in battle reenactments, living history encampments, parades, ceremonies and educational presentations. The unit is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to educate the public about the American Civil War, about the role that field artillery played in the war and about the people
  2008-01-27 16:23:34

22nd North Carolina Co.b, Salem, NC, Lt.Mark Ellis, sheamus50@hotmail.com
A good group of southern gentlemen and families are welcome.
  2002-12-27 15:50:26

4th U. S. Medical, Stillwater, MN, Margaret Gilbert, information@4thus.com
We are a Stillwater Minnesota Area reenacting organization that specializes in recreating, in graphic detail, the medical and surgical procedures performed on the battlefield and in the field hospitals.
  2002-12-15 22:24:04

26th Texas Cav. - DeBray's Mounted Rifles (dismounted), Tahlequah, with members in AR, MO & OK, South Central US, Skip Taylor, 26texas@go.com
Family-oriented with members from 6-60. Living history/reenactments/school program. Non-political org. racially integrated. We portray skirmishers & are FIRST IN, LAST OUT. Can loan new members equip. for short time & help you save $
  2002-11-07 01:31:41

23rd. N.C.S.T. Co. D, Rocky Mount, NC, Dewey McRae, deweymcrae@aol.com
Confederate reenactors. We portray the 23rd. North Carolina Company D "The Pee Dee Guards" Members in N.C. and VA.
  2002-10-21 19:17:34

4th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry Co. A, Western NY & Northern Pa, NY, Capt. Tom Beebe or Col. Bryon Fisher, shertombb@juno.com
Nonpolitical unit that is family oriented. Looking for like minded individuals to join our unit, for info write 1st Lt. 4th SC INF 184 Honeybrook Circle Girard Pa. 16417.
  2002-10-13 21:47:41

6th Tennessee Cavalry Reg, Birmingham, AL, Captain William Deckard, captaindeckard@hotmail.com
6th Tenn Dismounted Cavalry Reg. Under Maj. General Wheeler. Help us honor the brave cavaliers who defended our soil against the Northern Agression. Join us for Family fun, good times, and the chance to step back in time with friends and yourself.
  2002-10-03 15:46:51

York Signal Detachment CSA, Central/western NY, NY, Karen Bennett, Karenbennett1@aol.com
Confederate Signal Corp and Telegraph, when neccassary skirmishing to help infantry.
  2002-08-20 00:15:28

53 GA. Co. B Vol. Inf., Columbus, GA, Brandon Lummus, Rebelhawk79@cs.com
We need you to join up. Come and have fun with us!
  2002-08-17 02:37:32

83rd Pennsylvania Vol. Infantry Co. G Tionesta Rangers, Tionesta, PA, Kellie Brenner, wildhorses37@juno.com
Our event is held around the 18th of Aug. and this years event is free, next year there will be a small registration fee...please try to come out his year, but email for registration forms space is limited 814-827-1998 leave a message if no answer.
  2002-07-08 17:19:13

Turney's 1st Tennessee Infantry/CMF, Baltimore/DC, DC, Phil, thunderstruck@erols.com
Join us and help turn back Burnside this September at the 140th Sharpsburg. Then advance with General Heth,next summer at 140th Gettysburg. http://cmfbrigade.org/
  2002-06-26 15:50:14

Rice Light Artillery, Jacksonville-OIrlando, GA,FL,SC, Lt Donald Mann, OldReb53@aol.com
Family kickback artillery unit with 2 mobile cannons. Battle in GA FLA AND S.C
  2002-06-23 07:22:03

Witherspoon's Arkansas Cavalry, , AR,OK, Wes Prestridge, cwprest@arkansas.net
We are a small mounted unit participating in all types of living histories and a whole lotta fun. We are located in North Arkansas, Eastern Oklahoma & SW Missouri, Join Us.
  2002-06-19 11:05:44

41st Tennessee Regiment "Rough and Readies", 4860 Santa Rosa Ave, Titusville, FL, Will George, mrducks77@hotmail.com
Authentic re-enactors as confederate mountain men from middle tennessee. no shoes,no boots,no problem, mule collars and shotguns.
  2002-06-18 11:12:46

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