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Color Guard William Smith
12th Virginia Infantry Co B

We are a family orientated group that is looking for members who are interested in positively and publicly portraying and recreating the lives of Virginia Soldiers and Civilians during the period of American Civil War. You can contact us at 12thvirginia.org or at our Facebook Page.

Taylor house by Andrea Maxwell
A Civil War Era Historical Fiction Novel

Place Of No Return Book
Place Of No Return - A Novel

ACW Toy Soldiers
ACW Toy Soldiers for adults (mostly)

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Southern Comfort Civil War Leather Outfitters

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Civil War Fiction
A Thirst for War
, Civil War Fiction
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52d tennessee Inf., memphis/collierville, TN, Capt. Jim Reed, mlrjer@aol.com
Living history and reenactment unit, we strive to be authentic.
  2003-12-09 16:41:20

6th Ga / 6th Ky Vol. Cavalry, Atlanta, GA, Josh Lipscomb, joshua.lipscomb@us.army.mil
Come fall in with a unit who is non-political and family oriented. Based out of Atlanta, Ga we attend events all throughout the south east. We do galvinize to honor ancestors on both sides.
  2003-10-30 10:49:36

104th Pa. Volunteer Infantry, Co. C, Warminster, PA, Captain Raymond Knight, pa104@hotmail.com
We are a family oriented unit dedicated to the historical and reenacting aspect of the 104th Pa. Volunteer Infantry, Civil War Regiment.
  2003-10-22 10:24:24

1st Mississippi Partisan Rangers, Jackson, MS, Mike Harper, the1major@aol.com
We are a family unit. We are looking for some good men who are proud of their heritage. Women and children are welcomed.
  2003-10-18 21:23:50

Co. G, 3rd Tennessee Infantry, Knoxville, TN, Acting Serjt. David Pope, Recruiting NCO, dpope1@utk.edu
We are the newest US unit in East Tennessee, also have an artillery section in the East TN Leigon. Our goal is to do our 1st event next Spring. E mail me for more details.
  2003-10-14 19:52:55

Co. C 55th Va. Vol. Reg't, Winooski, VT, Bill Preston, prebelone@aol.com
We are in formation in the Burlington area and looking for some eager Cornfeds to fill the ranks.
  2003-10-12 17:45:44

104th Pennsylvania Volunteers, Doylestown, PA, William A. Kleintop, mrra104pa@comcast.net
Infantry. Fife & Drum Corps. Civilians. Living Historians. Reenactors. The 104th Penna Volts preserves the history of the Civil War in Bucks County, PA.
  2003-10-08 13:27:25

26 Tex. Cav. (dismounted), Tahlequah, OK, Capt Skip Taylor, 26texas@go.com
If you want a unit that is fun without the politics. Will accept young, old, childeren, and the ladies in camp then were for you.
  2003-10-06 09:43:16

55th Ill. Co. F, and G, Tulsa, OK, Cal. Kinzer, ckinzer@juno.com
Our unit is based out of Tulsa Oklahoma we drill at Fort Gibson and that is where we do most of our recruiting from. Recruits are wanted.
  2003-09-28 22:09:54

Co.A,3rd Frontier District,33rd Battalion,Texas State Troops, Llano, TX, Major Jay L. Robertson,Adjutant, majorjlrobertsonscv@yahoo.com
Civil War Reenactments/Living History/Parades/Grave Dedications/Parades.Artillery,Dismounted Cavalry, Infantry, or combination. Promoting Southern Heritage
  2003-09-18 09:56:16

Seldens-Tarrants Battery, Tuscaloosa,Winfield, Demopolis, AL, Sammy Breitling, breitling@westal.net
Full size 5 gun battery, napoleans, 12 pounders, ordinance rifles,12lb whitworth. Battery sections from Alabama and Texas, attending reenactments in southern U.S. and elsewhere.
  2003-09-14 17:12:29

57th Va. Inf'y Co. B, New York, NY, Capt. Ray Pickett, Pickett57@Worldnet.Att.Net
Authentic Unit Of Longstreets Corps that maintains the maxim of an "All Military" style Mentality. Not for the kiddies!
  2003-08-28 10:29:27

Co K 6th.La. Cavalry, Lake Charles, LA, M.L. Weaver, longshadow57@yahoo.com
Tired of politics or lies?We are a family oriented unit that offers moumted,dismounted & civilion impressions.We are dedicated to portraying 1860s cavalry life.
  2003-08-21 21:34:52

Camp Followers, Dallas, TX, Kathey Kelley Hunt, civilwar@nuwavenet.com
Civilian and military reenactors who prefer to demonstrate Living History presentations and first person impressions at events
  2003-08-17 17:00:45

5th Louisiana, Port Hudson, LA, Larry Currie, rebelgray37167@yahoo.com
We are a very rowdy bunch. To us drill is a way of life. We are in La,Ms,Tn.
  2003-08-14 12:55:04

44th Georgia, Co. C; Pridgeon's Battalion, Southeastern PA, PA, Jim Pfeiffer, pfeiffer3964@enter.net
Membership stretches from Baltimore, MD to Bethlehem, PA. We are members of “Pridgeon’s Battalion” and pride ourselves in our authentic portrayal of and army on the campaign.
  2003-08-02 21:36:22

Co.G 4th ky inf., Cadiz, KY, Miles Ward, milesward@ziggycom.net
We are a hardcore mess that aren't threadcounters.
  2003-06-24 07:37:56

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