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Color Guard William Smith
12th Virginia Infantry Co B

We are a family orientated group that is looking for members who are interested in positively and publicly portraying and recreating the lives of Virginia Soldiers and Civilians during the period of American Civil War. You can contact us at 12thvirginia.org or at our Facebook Page.

Taylor house by Andrea Maxwell
A Civil War Era Historical Fiction Novel

Place Of No Return Book
Place Of No Return - A Novel

Civil War Fiction
A Thirst for War

Civil War Fiction
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4Th Alabama (Laws) Brigade, Marshaltown, DE, James E, Christina, de_rebs@yahoo.com
Trying to form a new unit out of Delaware.I'm looking for.Expirenced and none expirenced reenactors.The 4th Al will be familey oriented unit. So join and make this the best unit that ever was and is.
  2005-02-28 15:00:49

98th Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, Captain George Wright, gwright@schweitzer-crosson.com
We are a family oriented unit who participates in battle reenactments, Living histories,School programs, Parades and more.
  2005-02-25 09:56:26

19th VA Co. K, Eastern PA / NJ, PA, Chris Weber, cw19thva@netscape.com
Well-drilled confederate infantry company. We work for education and preservation / safty stressed / Always Fun !!!
  2005-02-21 15:36:58

18th Virginia Infantry,Co.H, Lynchburg , TN, Tim Cartrett, provosttim@aol.com
We are dedicated in preserving our history, and providing fun and educational entertainment members wanted.
  2005-02-15 19:51:12

3rd Tenn. Cavalry Co. C, Memphis, TN, Aubrey Stephens, Coc3rdtncav@aol.com
A Confederate cavalry unit with both mounted and dismounted members. We do galvanize and have civilian impressions that also in the unit. All are welcome to join.
  2005-02-10 14:11:03

Amherst Artillery, Richmond, IN, Ralph Downs, trdowns@skyenet.net
Family oriented unit, 10 lb. full scale Parrott gun operating in Indiana. Open to new members.
  2005-02-01 21:37:51

1st. Va. Cav. Co.H, Winchester, VA, D.Wayne Nalls Sr., gasn44@aol.com
Mounted & dismounted cav. Family friendly unit. A new & growing unit. Prospective recruits welcome. 1-540-662-5363
  2005-01-17 18:42:53

2nd Reg't Rifles So. Carolina Vols., Anderson, SC, 864-224-2844, perrydx@bellsouth.net
We portray the 2nd. SC Reg't Rifles and 16th. Mich. We are looking for new members in the upstate of SC and we are a family group.
  2005-01-13 19:13:41

28th Virginia, Co.D, Fairfax, VA, Capt.John Stone, coldcase@hotmail.com
If you are interested in reenacting or joining our unit please contact Capt.John Stone at coldcase@hotmail.com.
  2005-01-07 12:23:07

28th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, Co. H, , MA, Cpl.Tom Higgins, tom@hockomock.com
Irishmen of New England! The famous "Faugh a Ballagh" regiment of the Irish Brigade is actively recruiting new members to its ranks.
  2005-01-06 20:21:28

4th ALabama Cavalry Company B (dis-mounted), Birmingham, AL, Pvt. Mark Worthy, bco4thalacav@webtv.net
Re-enactor and Living History group honoring Roddey's 4th Alabama Cavalry (CS) and the 1st Alabama Cavalry (US). Family oriented. We actively recruit new members.
  2005-01-06 15:45:35

7th Texas Field Battery, Bryan, TX, Dennis Sweatt, elmiragegarage@aol.com
Civil war artillery reeactment group, family oriented.
  2004-12-31 15:20:02

5th New York Regimental Cavalry("1st Ira Harris Guards")Company A., Cold Brook , NY, 1st Lieutenant Everett Reynolds Commanding, LT5THNYCAVALRY@webtv.net
Our purpose is to honor the men of the 5th Cavalry who fought in the Civil War 1861-1865.
  2004-12-31 06:32:46

Gibbs Battery, 1st Ohio Light Artillery, Portamouth, OH, Hugh Livesay, hydro@dragonbbs.com
Family oriented group that travels at least once a month.
  2004-12-29 17:38:21

Denoon / Askew Battery, Richmond, VA, Robbie Stokes, one4uband@aol.com
We are a family oriented Confederate artillery group . We have a 12 lb. Mountain Howitzer. We participate in re-enactments and headstone dedications in the Virginia and North Carolina areas.
  2004-12-27 09:49:03

Department of Northern Virginia, Central Pennsylvania, PA, Col. Mark Essig, Deeseng@aol.com
Our units are geographically located east and west from Eastern Pennsylvania into Eastern Ohio, south into Maryland and West Virginia, and north into Southern New York
  2004-12-26 10:36:29

5th Texas Rangers Co B CSA, Vacaville, CA, Quartermaster SGT Jay Seniceros, buckskinner1757@aol.com
5th Texas Rangers Co.B has free membership plus has a union side to join as well to join email us today.
  2004-12-20 14:50:36

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