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Place Of No Return

Place Of No Return
by Anabeth Hill

When Elias Palamara is recruited by a secret Greek political group to deliver two mysterious boxes to a man in America at the end of the Civil War, he little dreams how his life will change. The intended recipient is dead. Elias gives in to his curiosity and opens the box to discover $100,000. U.S. dollars. He decides to keep it and make a new life for himself. Narrowly escaping becoming embroiled in a plot to kill the new president, he makes his way to Mississippi where he meets an interesting cast of characters, including the beautiful Anita Craig, who becomes his wife.

The intriguing tale intertwines the stories of a Jewish widow, a mute Southern boy, a black cook, and a bewitching Greek girl. Part adventure, part romance, Place Of No Return takes the reader to the depths of despair and heights of love as it traces the circle of life through the eyes of Elias Palamara. Nothing since Gone With The Wind has so brilliantly captured the essence and richness of the South.

Taylor House

Taylor House
by Andrea Maxwell

Danae Ames lives a life of privilege far away from the raging Civil War. But for a woman in the 1860s, life at home can be as dangerous as anything on the battlefield. When her sisters sordid pasts take control of their present health and happiness, Danae decides becoming nurses on the frontlines of the war is their best hope for the future.

A Thirst for War
by Raymond Gustavson

At the start of the American Civil War, Professor John Ulysses Martin of Clarksville, Tennessee, and his students march off to face the harsh reality of battlefield combat. As his students die one by one, John questions his lofty convictions and, after losing a leg at Antietam, realizes he has made a fool of himself. He concludes that war is nothing more than the butchery of innocents. During his convalescence at Armory Square Hospital, John makes notes in a pocket Bible of Yankee troops and artillery heading south for an attack on Richmond. Caught spying, he is taken to the Old Capitol Prison to be hanged, but manages a harrowing escape. When he reaches Richmond and turns in his notes, General Hood realizes John’s value to the war effort and rewards him with a perilous assignment: destroy the railroad bridge over the Cumberland River at Clarksville, Tennessee

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