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104th Pa. Volunteer Infantry, Co. C, Warminster, PA, Captain Raymond Knight, pa104@hotmail.com
We are a family oriented unit dedicated to the historical and reenacting aspect of the 104th Pa. Volunteer Infantry, Civil War Regiment.
Click here for the Company's website.
  2003-10-22 10:24:24

104th Pennsylvania Volunteers, Doylestown, PA, William A. Kleintop, mrra104pa@comcast.net
Infantry. Fife & Drum Corps. Civilians. Living Historians. Reenactors. The 104th Penna Volts preserves the history of the Civil War in Bucks County, PA.
Click here for the Company's website.
  2003-10-08 13:27:25

105th Ohio, Youngstown, OH, 3303142950, web105@roadrunner.com
We are family oriented reenacting group located in North East Ohio with member throughout the U.S.. We attended both local and national events and do several presentations for schools and living histories. We are not a campaign style unit.
Click here for the Company's website.
  2009-05-18 00:00:00

10th Illinois Vol Cavalry Reg, Springfield, IL, 217-652-1696,
The 10th Volunteer Cavalry strives to reenact the citizen soldier from Illinois. It was formed to provide enjoyable opportunities for individuals and families to experience, learn, and in return, teach others about all aspects of life in the mid-19th century. The American Civil War is one of the most fascinating and defining moments in our history. Everything from the military conflicts and tactics to civilian life with its social expectations and customs, are experiences that our living histori
Click here for the Company's website.
  2008-02-10 00:00:00

10th Iowa Vol. Inf, , IA, Michael Carr, wgpcw@aol.com
The 10th Iowa is located in Southwest Iowa and is part of the Western Iowa Brigade. We are a family-oriented group that also does some living history. We're always looking for new members.

10th Virginia Co B, , DE, , kellys@snip.net
We are a family oriented unit, welcoming new members. We have members from PA, Maryland and Delaware. If you are interested in having a look just contact us or visit our web page
Click here for the Company's website.

10th Virginia Infantry, Company G, Chillicothe, OH, ,
We are a progressive campaigner unit in South Central, Ohio, dedicating ourselves to preserving the memory of the Confederate soldier and his heroic struggle. We strive for historical accuracy with our drill and appearance.
Click here for the Company's website.
  2010-03-08 00:00:00

116th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Co. D (So. Calif.), Southern California, CA, Fred Lynch, fblynch@pe.net
An extremely active, family-oriented, Civil War Union Army infantry reenacting and living history unit with members throughout Southern California. Visit website for more information.
Click here for the Company's website.
  2004-10-12 13:37:17

118th Pennsylvania, PA and the UK, PA, Phil Golder, recruits@118th.co.uk
118th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment, a UK based civil war re-enactment group. We attend events all over the UK and live, sleep and fight as they did during the American Civil War 1861-1865.
Click here for the Company's website.
  2008-11-09 00:00:00

11th Alabama Calvary Co. B, hayden, AL, Tim Williams, brickfan1@yahoo.com
We are always lookin for more men dedicated to the cause.
  2004-06-02 10:54:13

11th va .cav .co .a., Rising Sun, MD, Capt.Ken Vaught,commander, ken_vaught@yahoo.com
Our unit is a dismounted cav.unit. We do living historys and reinactments in md,pa,va.e-mail me at ken_vaught@yahoo.com
  2003-03-17 04:08:52

12th Georgia Company F, , MA, Captain William S Proal, 12georgia@comcast.net
The 12th Georgia Co. F, is a family oriented, unit and is proud of its high authenticity standards. The company is based in Eastern Massachusetts, Western Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut and New Hampshire with a focus on events in New England and Eastern New York. We occasionally venture 'down South' for some of the major reenactments. Activities continue over the winter months, with unit and Regiment drills, musters, and socials. Living history/reenacting is an exciting hobby bu
Click here for the Company's website.
  2007-01-08 00:00:00

12th Illinois Cavalry Co F, Jacksonville, IL, Shane McGath,
Portraying the soldiers who came out of Greene County Illinois and formed Company F
Click here for the Company's website.
  2004-11-01 22:19:54

12th Texas Infantry, Weatherford, TX, ,
We are a Confederate Infantry unit of the Trans-Mississippi Theater.
Click here for the Company's website.
  2010-09-25 00:00:00

12th Virginia Infantry Co B, Richmond, VA, ,
We are a family orientated group that is looking for members who are interested in positively and publicly portraying and recreating the lives of Virginia Soldiers and Civilians during the period of American Civil War. You can contact us at 12thvirginia.org or at our Facebook Page.
Click here for the Company's website.

13th Kansas Infantry Regiment, Kansas City, MO, ,
The 13th Kansas is a non-profit Federal Civil War Reenactment Regiment located in NE Kansas and NW Missouri. We pride ourselves on portraying a typical trans-Mississippi federal regiment. We have a love for living history that goes far beyond the battlefield and we have a place for anyone with a mid-nineteenth century impression. Based around Kansas City in both Kansas and Missouri.
Click here for the Company's website.

13th Texas Cavalry, , TX, ,
We are a Civil War dismounted Cavalry, family oriented reenactment group. We are a Confederate Dismounted Cavalry unit of the Trans-Mississippi Theater. We also demonstrate the 2nd Texas US impression. We mainly participate around the Dallas/Fort Worth area but you can live almost anywhere in or out of the state to join
Click here for the Company's website.
  2011-08-11 00:00:00

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