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153rd Anniversary Reenactment of The Battle of Cedar Creek,      October  14-15  2017      ccbf.us
Middletown   VA

In Commemoration of the 153rd Anniversary of the Battle of Cedar Creek, originally fought on October 19, 1864, the Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation will host the reenactment event on the original fields in Middletown, Virginia. Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of the Battlefield and the education of scholars and the general public.

All proceeds go towards this mission.

Registration fees are listed below for adults and teens 13 years of age and older. Children 8 to 12 years of age are price. Children 7 and under are free. All minors must have a parental release form signed and be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Opening the Cracker Line October, 1863,      October  27-29  2017      40roundsevents.com/wauhatchie
Corryton  TN

Join us as we recreate Bratton's Confederate brigade (Jenkins' division, Longstreet's Corps), recently detached from the Army of Northern Virginia. moving down from Lookout Mountain to attack the Federal position.

Join us as we recreate Greene's US Brigade (3rd Brigade, 2nd Division, XII Corp) as they stand through the maelstrom, and try desperately to hold on to their position against a fearsome night-time onslaught.

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